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what is a lease?

Access our full library and Flight Tracker Production Management for the duration of your lease.

what is a buy?

License a single track for a one-time fee.

can i use audible genesis now tracks in productions i sell?

Yes. Incorporating our music into your work and profiting is allowed.

can i resell audible genesis now music?

No. Reselling full tracks or tracks not incorporated into larger productions is not allowed.

Can you help me get started with flight tracker?

Absolutely. Call 802-881-1841.

How do i create a flight tracker group?

We do that for you. 802-881-1841 to get started. We even give your group an overview to get up and running.

do you offer full audio production?

Indeed. Call 802-881-1841 to talk about getting your project produced.

do you offer full video production?

We do not offer video production at this time.

can you help me find voice overs?

We can help! 802-881-1841.

I'm allowing my lease to expire, but want to continue using a few tracks.

Simple! Identify which tracks you'll continue to use, and buy them.

i want custom music with exclusive rights.

You're in complete control of the project. Call 802-881-1841 to get started. Exclusive rights, full buyout.


Choose from wav or 320 kbps mp3 when you lease. 320 kbps mp3 when you buy.
Production music for Christian media

Precision focused

lease or buy